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UPDATED: 7 Month Forward Movement for EB-2 Indian Nationals and EB-3 all others

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UPDATED: 7 Month Forward Movement for EB-2 Indian Nationals and EB-3 all others

January 12, 2015

As predicted by Charlie Oppenheim at the Department of State’s Visa Office, the DOS’ February Visa Bulletin, released today, shows continued significant forward movement for EB-2 Indian nationals.  EB3 all others also advance 7 months.  We are still waiting for agencies to follow through on the President’s executive immigration action and improve the untenably long waiting periods for employers to sponsor green cards for many of their key employees. 

EB1 - all still “CURRENT”


  • All others – still “CURRENT” 
  • China – advances one month to March 15, 2010 
  • India – advances 7 months to September 1, 2005
  • Mexico – still “CURRENT” 
  • Philippines – still “CURRENT” 


  • All others – advances 7 months to January 1, 2014
  • China – advances 6 months to September 1, 2011 
  • India – advances 8 days to December 22, 2003 
  • Mexico – advances 7 months to January 1, 2014
  • Philippines – advances to 7 month to January 1, 2014

*Updated January 14, 2015

Each month, Charlie Oppenheim, chief visa number crunching guru at the State Department, updates our American Immigration Lawyers Association with some insights on the Visa Bulletin. 

Here’s what Mr. Oppenheim recently said about the February Visa Bulletin:

  1. Expect priority dates to advance earlier this year due to President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration.
  2. Expect continued forward movement for EB-3 China, which is now 17 months ahead of EB-2 China.  Mr. Oppenheim predicted that EB-3 China may advance to 2012 or even earlier.   We may expect many employers to continue to “downgrade” from EB-2 petitions to EB-3 petitions, which is permissible to take advantage of favorable priority dates in the EB-3 category.
  3. Expect only slight forward movement for EB-2 China in the coming months.
  4. EB-2 India should continue to advance 4-6 months in the coming months, with more significant advances through May.  Mr. Oppenheim cautioned that it is possible that EB-2 India may only advance until 2009 this year.


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