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Travel Counseling

Travel Counseling

The rules governing international travel whether for business or personal reasons, present some of the most complicated aspects of U.S. immigration law. 

Travelers should keep in mind:

  • Failure to disclose material information to U.S. immigration officials can result in being declared permanently ineligible for permanent resident status;
  • Carrying the wrong or incomplete documentation can substantially delay an individual’s return to the U.S.; and
  • A departure from the U.S. may affect the validity of pending petitions for an extension of status or change of employer, or an application for adjustment of status to permanent resident.

WSM offers the following assistance:

  • Customized, detailed advice on the necessary documents to carry during an upcoming trip;
  • Research on a U.S. Consulate’s or Embassy’s current requirements and timing for visa stamp applications;
  • Preparation of the visa stamp application with accompanying documentation;
  • FAQs relating to international travel; and
  • Client newsflashes on current developments relating to international travel.

With proper documentation and planning, foreign nationals are spared undue anxiety and unnecessary questioning and delay by inspectors at U.S. airports and officials at U.S. consular posts.


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