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USCIS Completes Lottery Process for FY2020 H-1Bs

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USCIS Completes Lottery Process for FY2020 H-1Bs

April 12, 2019

The USCIS announced that it has completed the random selection process for the regular cap and the US advanced degree cap.  This means that employers should begin to receive receipt notices for the petitions selected in the lottery and rejection notices (with checks returned) for those petitions not selected.  Earlier, the USCIS said that they would begin premium processing on May 20. 

This year, the USCIS received over 201,000 petitions for both the regular and US advanced degree categories.  The lottery for the regular cap was held first (and included US advanced degree holders), then the lottery for US advanced degree holders was held (including those not selected in the regular cap lottery).  

The number of petitions was increased over last year, when the USCIS received about 190,000 petitions. 

Weaver Schlenger LLP will notify clients as we receive receipt notices and lottery rejections. 

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