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Executive Order Asks Agencies to Review H-1B Visa Program

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Executive Order Asks Agencies to Review H-1B Visa Program

April 18, 2017

Today President Trump signed an Executive Order which instructs government agencies to

  • enforce existing H-1B regulations to ensure U.S. workers’ jobs are not displaced and wages are not lowered
  • review and revise the H-1B visa program to ensure highly skilled and highly paid foreign nationals receive preference
  • give preference to U.S. products in government procurement contracts

Today’s Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American is not likely to lead to any immediate changes in the H-1B petition process, as it will take time for Congress and agencies to enact new legislation and regulations. 

We previously reported that government site visits are likely to increase and that USCIS would apply higher scrutiny to certain entry-level computer programmer occupations. 

Weaver Schlenger LLP works with employers to ensure full compliance with all regulations. 

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