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June Visa Bulletin

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June Visa Bulletin

May 19, 2010

Slow Movement of up to 2 Months for Certain Nationals

As we approach the end of spring, we see little progress in visa availability this month. In the EB-2 category, Chinese nationals advanced 2 full months to November 22, 2005.

Numbers for EB-2 Indian nationals remained stagnant at February 1, 2005. At least all other nationalities, including those from Mexico and the Philippines are still current. In the EB-3 category, a two month advance to June 22, 2003 occurred for nationals including those from China but excluding those from India and Mexico. Priority dates for Indian nationals advanced over 21 days to October 22, 2001. EB-3 Numbers for Mexican nationals are unavailable. EB-3 numbers for nationals of the Philippines advanced 2 months to June 22, 2003.

For those fortunate and patient foreign nationals whose priory dates become current in June, be prepared for the continued roller coaster ride of visa retrogression. The USCIS will need to complete adjudication of Adjustment of Status cases while the applicable priority dates remain current, whether in June, July or later, in order to grant permanent residence status. Historically, there can be some further visa retrogression as the government's fiscal year comes to a close on September 30th.

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